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Choosing the Right Dallas and Fort Worth Bartending School

Job Placement is most important:

It's funny how other schools like to talk about "wasting your time with senseless activities such as on-the-job training.

When The Premium Institute of Bartending Schools opened over 7 years ago, every employer we spoke to felt that the Externship Program was a great idea and something that is missing from all the other Bartending Schools. Today, we have created 100's of new Job Placement relationships due to this program. You get real on-the-job-training BEFORE YOU GRADUATE, and the employer can get a look at you and see if you are a good fit for their establishment.

For me, I am more comfortable knowing that most professionals, like Doctors, Nurses, Pilots, etc complete many hours of this type of training before they are on their own. Why should Bartending be any different?

So, do your homework, read between the lines, and make a decision on attending Bartending School based upon the facts.

  1. Training in a classroom environment can’t substitute for on-the-job training
  2. Hundreds of students have been hired at the same place they completed their Externship.
  3. Allows us to easily create additional relationships with Bars and Restaurants.
  4. It gives you the additional confidence you need when you start your first job.
  5. It shows some actual Bartending experience on your resume.

There are only a hand full of Bartending Schools across the country that do an Externship as part of the Bartending Program (we are the only one in DFW).

Why don't others do it? It’s my opinion that they must not have enough relationships with job placement sites, don’t have the staff to manage such a program, or they only just have a single location, and therefore, are unable to assist those that don’t live in the immediate area. 

Not only does the Premium Institute of Bartending Schools have multiple DFW locations, and we have Nationwide Job Placement Assistance and Retraining Partnerships with over 70 BARTENDING SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY.  Bartending Schools that have only ONE location may find it hard to develop relationships with job opportunities in other areas of the DFW Metroplex and outside of Texas.

So, don't be fooled by places that are trying to entice you to enroll by disparaging other schools rather than promoting the benefits of their own school.

To learn more about the reasons why The Premium institute of Bartending continues to be DFW's leader in Bartender Training, click here.

For more information on our Dallas and Fort Worth Area  Bartending Schools or our Externship Program, call the location of choice below.

Dallas/Lewisville Campus
1305 S State Hwy 121, #420
Lewisville, TX 75067

Fort Worth/Arlington
6080 S Hulen Street, #340
Fort Worth, TX 76132



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